Just when you need it….

One thing I’ve learned about being a mommy, is that things happen JUST when you need them to happen.  Annett and I were talking about “first baby smiles” just this morning.  I was saying how I am excited for Gwen to start smiling.  I need some positive reinforcement after having a few rough days and long nights with a newborn baby.   Gavin flashed us his first smile right before 4 weeks and with that only a few days around the corner I didn’t think it would be long for Gwen either. 

Later that afternoon, Gwen gave me two smiles after getting up from her nap.  I thought they were smiles but it was quick and I was excited that I wasn’t sure if I had imagined it.  A few hours later, when when cousin Anya was visiting she gave us a few more.  This time I already had the camera in hand and was able to capture this precious moment.  See for yourself Miss Gwen’s cute smile with one dimple on her right cheek. 

I am loving having so many friends & family come over to visit the new baby.  Everyone has been so helpful and I enjoy the company.  Gavin has loved all the visitors too and getting new people to read with him.  Giving me some time for chorse,  Anya read his new Little Bear book  from Kathy Bear all the way through, his personalized art scrapbook from Barbara Krejci and The Bear Snores On.    He sure loves having new people read to him!  


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