14 months old

June 2009-This month we went to a lot of birthday parties!  Larson’s, Elena’s, the PEPS party and the cupcakes with Judith.  The weather has been great, it’s been wonderful to be outside so much. 


We did some swimming at the pool in the evenings when it’s cooled down.  He enjoys being in the water and likes the floating toys, especially the boat to play with.    We had a fun playdate with Ryan, Lexi & Simon.  It was fun to get the boys together again, they have all grown so much over the past year. 


Had his first haircut and didn’t like it at all.  They used the shaver since it was so long and we wanted it to be really short.  He liked playing in the airplane afterward though.  Hope that next time he’ll be happier to get his hair cut.  It looks super cute though, we use gel to put it into place and he looks like a little boy.  It’s not a baby cut anymore.  I do miss his long baby boy hair so I think we’ll grow it out long again. 


We spent some time in Kingston with Chris’ parents & great-grandmother.  It was Gavin’s first time down at the beach and he enjoyed walking on the rocks, looking at the water and watching the dogs play fetch. 


Gavin attacking his 2nd cupcake ever……




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