13 months old

May 27th 2009- 

This first month of our little guy being a toddler has flown by!  It was nice to be able to relax again and enjoy more time together with Gavin this past month.  It’s a sudden surprise that I don’t have to work every day right now (blessing in disguise), I’ve been able to spend most afternoons with Gavin at home or with his baby friends and it’s been wonderful. 


He’s gotten to where he wasn’t enjoying being trapped in the living room when I’d be right there cooking in the kitchen, decided it was time to get the gates to secure the kitchen area.  We set up two gates and he has full range to walk around in the kitchen/ living room area.  He likes to go to the back door and try to open the screen door.   While Chris was setting up the gate, Gavin grabbed a section of the gate that was taller than him and carried it over to daddy to help out.    You could just imagine him saying, "hey dad-here’s the other piece."  He likes "helping" daddy with tasks around the house, especially with his screwdriver and his favorite blue bolts.   


He’s loving going out in the backyard, especially to get into his new Flintstones style car that our neighbor gave us last weekend.   We brought it inside so that he could learn out to pull his legs up while it’s moving and not scrape up his soft, little feet.  He’s gotten better at displaying his desires and displays what he wants by making sounds.    It’s interesting to see him getting more demanding at the same time. 


We had some great hikes this month: up to Poo-Poo point, Tiger Mountain and in Soaring Eagle Park.  The backpack is working out well and he loves being outdoors.    In the middle of the month we celebrated Roman’s first birthday party.  His mommy decorated in Sock Monkey theme and the boys had a great time.  Gavin loved her homemade Monkey cupcakes (see the photos to the right in the 12 month album) and Roman was thrilled with his new baby grand Piano & wheely Ladybug.  That boy has a special intrest in music! 


I’ve included a picture here of Gavin’s favorite toy…..Pooh!  Uncle Jim picked this up for xmas and Gavin didn’t notice it much at first then one day in the early spring he began grabbing him whenever in his crib.  Now Pooh’s noose, ears, arms & legs are part of Gavin’s bedtime routine.  It’s super sweet to see him have such a connection to a stuffed animal.  It’s the first thing that he’s had a preference for and something he really loves.  He also likes his blue carters dog.  Both of them are very exciting parts about being in his crib.



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