Turning ONE…….

Gavin’s first birthday party was wild animal themed.  I was inspired by the Tiny Prints invites with a lion on them.  Didn’t end up ordering them because I found some cute scrapbooking animal-jungle paper that was perfect for handmade invites.    I enjoyed making them and thought they turned out as I hoped.


It was mostly family at the party and a few baby friends:  Larson, Roman & Joshua.

Food-daddy made a homemade lemon cake with a strawberry filling & lemon butter cream frosting.  We wrote “happy birthday Gavin” on the cake with a big 1 candle.  Gavin tried a big square piece and seemed to like it.  He didn’t smash his face in the cake but he did stick his fingers in and eat a lot of frosting.  We also had little angel food cakes with a homemade lemon meringue in the middle, covered in fresh berries & cream.  Everyone thought they were very yummy.

Presents-Gavin enjoyed pulling the paper off one and looking in the boxes but he wasn’t really into opening gifts yet.  He did like playing with what came out of the packages though.

Décor-we had 2 dozen colorful balloons and Gavin absolutely loved them.  He walked around with them in his hands, pulled on the strings and liked hitting the balloons.   Had a slide show going on the tv with Media Center rotating through all the “Gavin” photos from the past year.  I love showing photos on the tv because it brings back all the memories.

I had some anxiety about the party because there were things I wanted to do and didn’t have time.  Like the banner, decorations, etc.   But I realized that all of that was not important and that it was really about us celebrating this milestone.  We learned so much this year and enjoyed everyday we had with our son.  It’s impossible to belive a year has already passed.  Definitely makes me excited to see what’s to come in this next year.

Happy 1st Birthday Gavin!


One thought on “Turning ONE…….

  1. It was such a fun party!!! And you hit just the right note. You had that neat slideshow of all his baby photos going on too! Looooved that Angel food cake! And you know how we felt about the balloons. 😉

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