12 months old

We are so excited that our little Gavin is 12 months old!  This is such an amazing milestone for us to reach.    He now weighs 24 pounds and 15 ounces.  He’s 32 inches tall and has grown 10 inches since he was born.    Since we are on the weight topic, luckily my weight is – 25 lbs from when he was born.  🙂  Actually all 40 are gone now…I was able to drop the remaining baby pounds in April and get back to my starting point almost to the day of his birthday, hows that for a goal! 


It’s been exciting to watch Gavin start taking his first steps and now being able to walk so comfortably.   The beginning of the month he started taking a few steps.  At first it was 4 steps, then by the next week he could do 8 steps.  By the time he turned one year old he has perfected his walking and can go around the room and pretty much anywhere he likes to go.  He got his first pair of tennis shoes because the robeez weren’t working when walking outside on the pavement.    One day we went outside and  he heard some kids outside playing.  He followed their voices to the park and walked all the way there.  He’s quite proud of himself to be moving around so independently now.  Chris started walking at 10-11 months so we weren’t surprised to see Gavin walking so early. 


He learned out to stand up in the middle of the room just pushing up from the ground.  I am so amazed at the strength these little guys have in their legs to be able to crouch down and then stand up so easily.


Daddy had a job for a few weeks and so Gavin had some fun playdates with his friends during that time.  Spent a day with Larson, Gabriella, Roman, Odin & many days with Grandma Penny-we were thankful for everyone pitching in to help out.   


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