11 months old

Our little guy is 11 months old today.  This is an exciting time for me because I am remembering how I felt last year at this time getting ready to have our baby.  I am so happy being a mother and couldn’t have asked for a better child.  He’s all we dreamed of.  Each day we love seeing him grow. 


I have 9 lbs to get to where I was when getting pregnant.  Now that it’s just a month away from the year mark I feel this extreme pressure to kick it into high gear and stop carrying around extra weight.   I am going to do a month of watching what I eat and working out more.  Sat boot camp as much as I can make it, running at home, pc boot camp starts in a week and that will surely get me into running a lot more.  The other thing I am realizing is that I do like eating better.  With cooking for Gavin and being so aware of what he’s eating I am eating a lot more veggies at home.  They are so good!  brussel sprouts, broccoli, squash, sweet potatoes, asparagus, carrots, etc.


This month he said "mum-mum-ma-ma" and I was not prepared for how that made me feel.  I hadn’t even though of how it will feel when he says my name and speaks to me.  I was so happy and didn’t even know what I was missing!  He’s not saying it very frequently though.  His favorite words are ba-ba, da-da, and aja. 


On the night of the 26th he slept through the ENTIRE night for the first time.  He went down at 8:30pm and slept right through till 8am.  He didn’t wake up around 11pm for his 5th bottle.  We went to sleep around midnight and thought we’d just have to get back up.  At 5am I woke up and went to check on him cause he hadn’t made a peep all night.    The next night he got up to eat so I am curious to see if he does this again. 


He’s started to enjoy feeding himself and not being much into the jar food anymore.  He gets frustrated if you don’t give him something that he can "do" on his own.  I tend to put some food on the tray for him while I still feed him the baby food with a spoon.  He’s getting better at chewing though and ate three entire strawberries the other day.  He just kept gnawing on them and finished them off. 


Gavin loves looking at himself in the mirror.  He’ll smile, hit at the mirror and talk to himself.  I don’t know when/if he can already know that it’s him in the mirror but judging by this he should be able to by now.  He loves looking at photos of himself and smiles at those a ton. 


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