10 Months old

Almost a month late but had to get this posted before he’s 11 months on Saturday! 

Our little guy is about ~23 pounds now, not an official measurement but he’s definitely put on some weight since his dr checkup last month. 


Gavin got to spend all of February at home with daddy all day (no more daycare right now).   It has been  wonderful for all of us!    They have been spending so much time together and Chris is really enjoying this period.  It makes it very easy for me to leave in the morning knowing that he’s going to be taken care of so well and he doesn’t cry when I leave him with daddy.


He’s started to do a traditional crawl this month and it’s sooo cute!!  He makes a "ha-ha, ha-ha" laughing sounds as he crawls along.  (video posted below)  He’s so happy with himself when he can do it and is moving around on his own.     He still sometimes pops down to the commando version but then will pop back up onto his knees/hands.    At the superbowl party over at Annett/Ryan’s he discovered how to climb the stairs and thinks it’s a lot of fun.   At first he was pretty wobbly and needed a lot of support from behind but now he’s getting pretty good.  He can make it almost all the way to the top of ours before he gets tired at the 3rd from the top (every time). 


Tooth #7 & #8 came in on the bottom and he’s moved into the next size of clothes.  Most of his clothes are 12-18 months now  But he does still wear some of his 6-12 pants & a bunch of 12 month stuff too.  It’s so amazing how quickly they go through clothes. 


He likes to say "da-da" and "ga-ga" when he talks.  One day he crawled over to Chris’ office door and stood up and was pounding on the door saying "da-da."  It was so cute!  I’ve posted the video below.    Chris was inside and thought it was his friend Joshua who’s 18 months old.  Chris was surprised when we called him out to show him it was Gavin.    I don’t think he knows the meaning of "da-da" yet but he’s just practicing what he likes to say. 


His favorite thing to do is stand up at the low windows that look into the backyard.  He likes to watch the daddy & the dogs out in the backyard.    We’ve taken some good photos of him standing at these windows that are the perfect height for a little baby.   Here’s one of him standing at Clare Marie’s window during his 9 month photos.  This one was too tall to look out but he likes to hold onto anything at that height. 



2 thoughts on “10 Months old

  1. Dear Laurelhi,your little kid is so cute! my 2kids are 4years old and 1years and 10 monthes! ! I want to see you someday. I still work ANA,after maternity leave. i,m going to new york april 2nd. i will call you. my staying hotel is millenium hotel UN.i want to talk to you! yukiko nakamura(kukihara)

  2. You are a happy woman. Your child brings to you a lot of joy and happiness, your love is a caring man, a great father. God bless your family always happy, well-being.

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