8 Months Old

Gavin turned 8 months old just after Christmas (dec 28th).  This month was the best for all of us.  He weighs apx 20 1/2 pounds & is 30 inches tall.  We have his 9 month checkup at the end of January and will get official measurements.    I’ve added photos for this last month, Christmas Eve, Aunt Jen & Uncle Nick’s visit & Christmas Day. 
He can now put his pacifier back into his mouth on his own so we decided it was time to get rid of the swaddle.  He’s slept every night/day since birth with his arms swaddled to his body and he’s loved it so this will be a big change for him.  We replaced the swaddle with a sleep sack that will keep his body & legs warm during these cold nights.  The first night it took him 1 1/2 hours to fall asleep because he was playing with all the soft animals in his crib.  On the second night it only took 5 minutes, by the third he was back to his old pattern and fell right asleep.  I was surprised at how easy it was to remove the swaddle.   
The biggest change is that Gavin is now sleeping through the night!  Which means that mommy is now sleeping through the night again. I cut out 1-2 late night feedings and so now he sleeps from 7pm-8am (eats once at 11pm ish and goes right back down).  It’s so wonderful for me to have the long stretch of sleep again.  It did take me a few weeks to learn how to sleep again.  I can’t believe that he could sleep this long and it wasn’t that hard to remove the feedings.  I think having him unswaddled and able to soothe himself helps him sleep longer too. 
He’s got his two top teeth now and they are so big!  I am so curious to see how big they are when they are all the way in place.  He’s been fussy the past week at night and so they are still giving him pain or he’s got more coming through.  😦  Poor guy.  I feel so bad for babies having to feel the pain from things like this that they dont’ understand. 
He’s started to crawl and it is best described as the "comando crawling" that we do in boot camp.  He slithers along the floor, as low as he can be and can get wherever he wants!  It’s super cute.  Each day he gets faster and can get more inches between his thighs and the floor.   Here’s a photo of him trying out his new move.
It was so amazing to experience the holidays for the first time with him.  We are very thankful.
We enjoyed meeting santa, having play dates with his friends, he cried the second time he saw santa, seeing his first snow, seeing aunts/uncles/grandparents and cousins.   
Happy New Year!

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