7 months old

11.28.09-7 months old.
We’ve had a lot of fun this last month.  Gavin had his first long trip to grandma & grandpas house.  He went there for 3 nights with daddy during Thanksgiving week.  Then mommy met there on Thursday when she was done with work.  It was the longest time we had been apart from one another and it was very strange!   He had a great time with his grandparents and bonding with daddy.   
Gavin is now 19 1/2 pounds & 29 1/2 inches.  I think he’s going to grow 12 inches in his first year.  He’s only three inches away! 
Here’s a video of Gavin playing with one of his best buddies Ryan.    It’s so cute when they kick their legs like this.  We love having playdates when Gavin’s not sick.  He was hit with his first really bad cold (bronchiolitis)/ear infection.  It took a week to get over but once he was healthy again it was so wonderful. 
We’ve opened a few new toys this month and he’s loving these new "older-baby" toys.  They are interactive and he can do so much more with them.  I realized a few of the shower gifts were for 6+ months so we opened them up and they’ve kept Gavin busy!    Favorite toys: basketball hoop, zoo train with animals, lovelies baby lamb/momma and the big ball that rolls/makes noises.  I’ve put photos of him playing with all of these in the two new photo albums: First Thanksgiving  & 6 month photos (27-31 week old)
He loves the baby lamb because it’s small enough to fit into his hand nicely and it’s attached by a magnet to the mommy lamb.  I had no idea how much he’d enjoy this cute toy!  It keeps him occupied while trying to fall asleep.

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