6 months old


Our little guy turned 6 months old on the 28th, happy half birthday baby boy!   This last 1/2 year has passed so quickly.  He’s grown a lot since his April birthday and is now 18 pounds  10 ounces and 28 1/2 inches tall.  Getting close to doubling his weight but still a pound away.


It was very hard to return to work and leave baby at daycare.  We are all getting used to the new routine and luckily he likes daycare and is happy there.  I am glad that he still sleeps well and is taking 3 naps while there.   The best part of my day is now picking him up. 


Halloween was really fun with a baby.  The highlight for me was seeing all of his baby friends from PEPS in their Halloween costumes and the photos we took.  I just love his bumble bee costume and how adorable he looked.  Seeing 12  4-6 month old babies in Halloween costumes was the cutest.   We went to the pumpkin patch with is buddy Larson (Annett, Ryan & Coco too) on a sunny day and had a great time placing the babies within the pumpkins. 


Julie & Rafael visited for a few days and Gavin loved playing with them.  Julie noticed that he had two more teeth coming in.  Now he has 4 teeth that are all the way in and they are super SHARP!!  Reminding me of puppy teeth.      All of them are on the bottom though.  No sight of any on the top yet. 


He’s can now sit up and enjoys the new vantage point.  It’s amazing how once they start to gain a new skill how quickly they get good at it.  We hadn’t even tried this until right before Halloween when Michelle asked if he could do it and I honestly hadn’t even thought to try.  At first he was pretty wobbly but with a few days he picked it up pretty well.  He’s gotten really squirmy (especially on the changing table) and moves around a ton.  I can tell this is foreshadowing how much he’s going to be moving all around the house in the next few months.  It’s still nice to be able to lie on the ground with him and have him pretty much contained in a very small area. 


He’s enjoying eating new food and gets really happy when we feed him.   Winter squash and sweet potatoes have been his favorites.  He’s liked everything we’ve given him though so far.  The fruits are his least favorite but I am sure he’ll develop that taste soon.   



We are looking forward to the next 6 months and to getting more sleep than in the last 6.  🙂 


2 thoughts on “6 months old

  1. Ryan doesn\’t like fruit either.  (except mashed up bananas) His favs are any type of squash, sweet potatoes, or carrots.  He\’s into bread, cheerios, and "stars" too. Can\’t wait to get our boys together next Friday.  Love, Michelle

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