5 months old

This month was very special because it was the last before heading back to work.  We had such a great time spending our days together.  
There was some unexplained crying until his first two bottom teeth came in one day apart.  It’s pretty cute to see them there now when he smiles. 
We were releived to finally know the source of his discomfort. 
Highlights from month 5:
  • having another "I love mommy" playdate (and babylegs) with the boys
  • Baby Boy Best Friends (walking & shopping buddies):  Roman & Larson.  We’ll miss them when we are at daycare. 
  • Fallling in love with "baby legs."  Now Baby will never have cold legs again! 
  • Mommy taking 679 photos of baby and narrowing it down to the "top favs" to post.  Ended up with 84.  I’ve had a problem editing for years.  😉 
  • Enjoying walks outside in the afternoon while it was still warm, in the bjorn. 
  • Playing on the floor with mommy & daddy. 
  • baby friends at PEPS-we have met a lot of great babies & mothers! 

There was a lot more movement this month, rolling from side to side and cute noises from Gavin.   It’s so hard to think it’s almost been 1/2 a year.  The time sure goes by quickly!      



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