4 months old

Today-8/28 our lil baby boy is 4 months old.  He celebrated it by going to a PEPS meeting to see 15 of his closest baby friends.   We are really enjoying PEPS, I’ll post some photos soon. Then by having a checkup with the doctor and his first shot.  😦  He weighs 15 pounds 15 ounces, head is 17.32 inches and is 27 inches in height.  I’ve added photos from this last month in the 13-17 week album. 
This month we have had so much fun with Gavin.  Everyone was right when they said it gets better every day as they grow older. There were a lot of firsts this month and it was incredible to watch him grow & change.  We took a roadtrip up to Whistler and he did very well during the long car ride.  The vacation was special because both sets of grandparents were there to spoil him with attention.  The night after the driving though it was harder for him to sleep and so that wasn’t as fun either of us. 
Last week he started getting his first tooth- bottom (his) right side.   I thought he might have come down with an earache because he cried during the night in a nontypical fashion.   So we went to the doctor to figure out what was wrong and that’s when they pointed out the little white tooth starting to come through the gums.  I hope he’ll get used to this soon though because he’s quite unhappy when it hurts. 
He likes to look at the kitties & dogs now as they walk by or play near him.  He’s grabbed Kashka’s tail a few times and touches the dogs heads & ears.  I can’t wait to see him play with them when he’s older.  It took 30 days to go through a pack of 132 diapers. 
He’s found his feet & toes and likes to put them in his mouth (and anything else he can shove in there).  His favorite toy is his gym mat that plays music and blinks at him.  He also likes the jumpster swing that attaches to the door frame.  There are a few photos of these in the three month old album.  
I have 5 more weeks left of maternity leave to enjoy with baby at home.  We’ve found a place close to home for daycare and thnk he’ll like it.  It’s hard to imagine going back to work but I am looking foward to returning.   
We all enjoyed watching the olympics this month and in the spirt have come up with some awards for the baby boys.  This is an excerpt written by Nicole/Roman’s mom (one of his best buddies)…… 

Competing in Bejing remotely from Seattle, Roman has placed in several obscure Olympic events.  Namely:

  • Bronze in 100M hand chewing
  • Gold (and new world record) for number of dirty diapers in 24 hours
  • Silver in 5K decathlon (consists of stroller riding and crying medley)
  • Gold in cooing relay (with teammate and two-time medalist in Toe Grabbing, Gavin G)
Gavin has placed in these events……
  • Bronze in the baby bjorn Marathon Run – he loves being carried facing out and has the endurance to go all day.  His signature mark is the wet spot left on the front of the bjorn where he chews the entire time.   (along with teammate Larson who got the Gold and world record in the Longest Marathon Run with the moby wrap)
  • Gold in Gymnastics All-Aroundimpressed the judges with his toe grabbing "happy baby" – 1st yoga pose, got ahold/pulled the rings in his little gym and then stuck them in his mouth, finshed off the routine strongly with a large ammount of drool down his face and soaking the entire front of his uniform. 
  • Silver in the 200m Backstroke – one of his favorite sports is defiinately swimming.  He was the favorite to win this swim with his arms & legs thrashing about vigiorsly in the tub.  At the last second he lost the race to Phelps who gave a big flutter kick to get ahead of Gavin.  We’ll never forget Gavin’s swimming excitement.   

Here’s a photo of Gavin in the red & blue stripped white star USA gymnastics leotard during "drool warm-up" in the bumbo chair.


The second one shows him during the floor routine, where he was in deep concentrattion to exectue the "toe-sucking" move flawlessly.  


For the rings routine he wore his red & white stripped outfit. He impressed the judges with a big smile and his smooth dancing moves.


Lastly, he hoped in the jumpster.  Grabbing on to the rings with only his teeth for support, he spun himself in three circles.  It was a very difficult move and he got extra points for including that in the routine.    We were all amazed with the effort put forth by the boys and can’t wait to see what events they’ll be competing for in 2012!



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