2 months old

Gavin is already two months old!  Before he was born I heard from everyone that time goes by quickly and now I see what they mean.  Days speed by with a combination of 6-8 feedings a day, not sleeping for more than 3 hours most of the time and being there to give your child whatever they need that make the time go by so quickly.  Most of the time I can’t tell the diffrerence between weekdays and weekends, that’s one of the best things about being on maternity leave.  I am glad he’s getting older because it’s more fun. 
At his two month appointment he now weighs 13 pounds 5 ounces (90%), has grown to 25 inches (97%) and his head is 42 cm/ 16.5 inches tall (97%).   He’s staying awake longer now, usually for 2 hours a stretch.  He’s gotten more control of his arms and started grabbing his clothes.  He’s started staring at his hand for minutes at a time.    The biggest change is probably the core strength, he can hold his head up better and has gone in the baby bjorn a few times facing out.  I still put my hand up to support his head a bit to make sure he’s good. 
Chris has been travelling for work during the week this month so we’ve missed him a lot.  But thank god for grandmothers/fathers because they have been great.  We’ve had sleepovers at all their houses and they’ve come here.  The best thing has been all the girlfriends (Nicole, Annett, Tara, Shelley, etc) that have new babies too.   We are all going through the same things and it’s wonderful to share these moments together.
We’ve started walking during week 7 and I LOVE the BOB stroller.  The dogs usually go with us and there’s a loop that takes 1 1/2 hours.  It feels great to get out. 
  Gavin’s discovered his hands and prefers to put them both in his mouth at the same time.  He hasn’t tried just a thumb or finger yet though.  He still loves his pacifier to soothe him when needing to calm down. 

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