One Month Old Already (written June 5th)

Gavin’s already 5 weeks old and had his one month check up last week!  He’s gained just over 2 pounds since birth and is 11 pounds 10 ounces and 23 1/4 inches.  He’s falling into the 97% for weight, height and head circumference.   At birth he was in the 95% so he’s increased a bit.  We are happy that he’s getting the hang of nursing and growing so well.  
He’s started smiling when you put your face close to his face.  It’s sooo cute!  And he’s starting to lift his head up from time to time on his own.  It’s really fun to watch him grow and change each day.  
As you can see I take tons of photos of him (in the photo section).  The outfits are so adorable and so is he so I can’t resist.  He’s still wearing 0-3 month clothing.  I am curious to see how long he lasts before needing to move to the next size.   In the one piece outfits they won’t fit much longer since they go up to 24 inches.  He’s set on things to wear at least for the next 12 months with a FULL closet.  I hope that he’ll get to wear them all before growing out of them!
There will be more photos to come. 

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