Flight 0418

Pam & Amy threw me a wonderful shower last weekend.  The theme was Flight 0418 (baby’s due date) aboard Geisbush Airlines.  The theme of his room is airplanes so it was really cute that they made the connections & special touches.  Amy had everyone make a scrapbook page with coordinating baby boy page supplies.  Then she put their babyphoto on one side and a photo they took at the shower on the other side.  I can’t wait to see the finished product.  The boxed lunches were really great, all made from scratch by Pam & Stacy.  The gifts were amazing from all the girlfriends, this baby boy is going to be blessed with beautiful clothes, lots of supplies to make eating, bathing & sleeping plesant and many well wishes.  Looking at the clothes he’s going to wear deffinately makes me excited.  I was so impressed with all they put into the afternoon to make it special for me and enjoyed every minute.  Thank you! 
Now it will be intresting to watch and see when flight 0418 will actually arrive.  Will it be early?  on time or delayed?  Stay tuned for airline updates directly from the flight! 

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